District Leadership

                                                             Valley Ridge District Lay Leader                                                         Larry Dickenson, our Valley Ridge District Lay Leader. Elected at the District Conference in November 2022, he began his four-year term on January 1, 2023.

Larry and his wife, Stephanie, are long-time members of Raleigh Court UMC. He is a Certified Lay Servant and President of the Virginia United Methodist Housing Development Corporation. Larry grew up in Roanoke and following graduation from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Architecture, he embarked on a 41-year career in construction management before retiring in 2017.

Connect with Larry Dickenson, Valley Ridge Lay Leader

The Valley Ridge District leadership operates in the District SAS (Simplified Accountable Structure) model.  

Valley Ridge District Leadership Board (DLB)

Rev. Doug Forrester- District Superintendent, Larry Dickenson- Lay Leader, *Dr. Nathaniel L. Bishop  *Mary Ann Cass, *Larry Creamer , *Jessica Dodson, Rev. Elizabeth Foss, Rev. Bret Gresham, David Grimm, Rev. Anita Mays Lucord, *Rev. Won Un, *Rev. Tina Yates

* function as Trustees

District Board of Church Location and Building (DBCLB)

Northern Area:  Rev. Doug Forrester,  Rev. Andrew Bake, Rex Buel, William Bushman, Doug Urbaniak, Becky Grandle

Southern Area: Rev. Douglas Forrester, Ronnie Brooks, Debbie Brown, Rev. B. Failes, Rev. Doug Mitchell, Rev. Joanna Paysour, Patsy Sparks, Don Witt, Cynthia Martin, Dr. N.L. Bishop

District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM)
Bill Bearden (co-chair), Peter Baesick Choi, Tim Craft, B. Failes, Jennifer Fletcher, Doug Forrester, John Hemming, Janet Knott, Lauren Lobenhofer (co-chair), Doug Newman, Doug Paysour, Mark Reuter,  David Vaughan, Jeff Wilson
Brenda Brooks, Tom Davis, Anne Grimmer, Leigh Iberg, Charlotte Kagey